Roman Cuisine Trattoria: since 1900 in the center of Rome

In the beginning, SORA LUCIA was opened as a “tavern” and was situated in “Via della Panetteria, 41, in front of “Fontana di trevi”.

During the first years of activity, SORA LUCIA offered one roman dish only: “Pasta e Fagioli” (Pasta & beans soup) which was served with the typical red wine of “Castelli Romani”.

SORA LUCIA & SUNS held the restaurant till 1956; after this date, the restaurant was sold to different owners.

In the year 2000, the restaurant was bought by Mrs. Liliana Sacco and Mr. Simone Nardocci, who started to manage the Activity in a “modern aèpproach”. The aim of Mr. Nardocci was to serve as better as possible every category of tourists: from couples on Honeymoon to large groups fo visitors. In order to achieve this target, satisfying tourists needings, it was important to find a larger location, with wide rooms.

In 2018 Mr. Nardocci decided to move the restaurant to a new location: Via Rasella, 138.

The “New” SORA LUCIA, always in the center of the “Eternal City”, is located approximately 300 meters from “Fontana di Trevi” and “Piazza di Spagna”.

Typical roman dishes

SORA LUCIA is the typical roman trattoria specializing in roman dishes.

The most wanted roman dishes:

STARTERSAffettati Misti, Mozzarella di Bufala e Culatello.

FIRST COURSES: Pasta all’Amatriciana, Pasta alla Carbonara e Pasta alla Ciociara.

MEAT Ossobuco, Abbacchio.

FISH DISHES: Calamari (fritti/alla griglia), Salmone, Alici.

SIDE DISHES: Carciofi alla Romana, Carciofi alla Giudia, Cicoria Ripassata.

Look at the menu!

menu ristorante cucina romana Roma centro Sora Lucia

Roman Cuisine Trattoria: why choose SORA LUCIA?

Why choose SORA LUCIA trattoria?

TRADITIONAL ROMAN CUISINE WITH RIGHT PRICES: SORA LUCIA is the typical Roman trattoria with right prices, which suits for tourists from all over the world: our location is perfect both for a couple of tourists on Honeymoon and for large tourists groups.

OUR ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE MENUS: our Staff is able to customize our menus and services based on the needs and the number of group members.

WIDE SPACES WITH OVER SEVENTEEN SEATS: wide spaces with over seventeen seats and with the possibility to reserve a space.

Our location is characterized by two large rooms:
The “Main hall” – the room at the entrance of the restaurant: perfect for special occasions such us couple lunches.
The “Lucrenario hall” – the room at the bottom of the restaurant: ideal for tourists groups launches.

If you want to book your reservation at SORA LUCIA restaurant, please contact us!